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The Constella(c)tions project was proposed by composer Michelle Agnes Magalhaes in response to the third STARTS residency call, in collaboration with Benjamin Matuszewski and Frédéric Bevilacqua. The residence proposal was to experiment with collective musical interactions, using gestures and bodily actions. The composer's artistic vision is to develop novel paradigms for musical composition and scores through a series of collective “games” whose rules are given by texts, visuals and objects in spaces.

For this, we tune the COMO applications, repurposing web and mobile technologies toward screenless and collective musical interaction. The residency allowed Michelle Agnes to create new musical pieces, in deverse contexts, from professional music ensemble to pedagogical actions in schools, as well as including the general public in performances.

Web Applications

The following pieces are availablle online, playable using smartphones

Extensio - solo/duo Meduse - group No Fun - pedagogy Voyelles - children choir


Credits and Acknowledgments

We thank the ISMM research team (special thanks to Jean Philippe Lambert and Estelle Dupré), Juliana Jardim, and the performers of SoundInitiative, Joshua Hyde, Gwen Rouger, Franco Venturini, Louise Leverd, Szymon Kaça, Shao-Wei Chou, Winnie Huang, as well as performers Yves Candau, Sarah Fdili Alaoui, Bertha Bermudez, Maussane Lerer, Lola Malique, Lucas Struna and Ronan Gil. Special thanks to the IRCAM production and communications teams, in particular Aline Morel, Audrey Gaspar, Damien Ripoll, Jérémie Bourgogne, Sylvie Benoit, Deborah Lopatin. Thanks to Emmanuel Valette, Claire Bouchard and Anthony Lefaure for video shooting, and Valentin Boulay for photography.

The Constella(c)tions project was supported by IRCAM and STARTS - an initiative of the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme.