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CoMo - Collective Movements

CoMo is an ecosystem of web applications for gesture/movement interaction with sounds. It is applies in artistic creation and pedagogy, workshops, as well as to education and rehabition. Specific applications are derived from the generic framework, such as CoMo Education, Como-Rehabiliation or CoMo-Vox (in collaboration with Radio France, supported by the Ministere of Education).

CoMo can be seen as a setp forward from of the MO - Modular Musical Objects toward collective interaction.

CoMo is developed by Benjamin Matuszewski

CoMo can be seen as a setp forward from of the MO - Modular Musical Objects toward collective interaction.

Current Applications

CoMo Elements Web App CoMo Elements is the generic web application for gestural control of sounds using smartphones. The gesture/posture can be recorded by the user, and associated wih a series of sounds. Additional sound processing can be programmed through scripts.

On the web:


CoMo Vox

IRCAM and Radio France, with the support of the French Ministry of Education, are developping CoMo-Vox, a web application for school teachers and teachers who wish to become familiar with choral conducting. Thanks to CoMo-Vox, it is possible to practice at home, phone in hand, to learn how to make simple but effective conducting gestures and to develop active listening.

Available on the Radio France website CoMo-Vox

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CoMo.education Collective and embodied storytelling in kindergarten using a gesture-sound interactive system. Using gesture recognition with screenless smartphones, the teacher and pupils can use movements to play various soundscapes, which enliven the story.

This project was designed by Marion Voillot during her PhD project (Ircam-STMS and CRI - Université de Paris-Cité). Specific user interfaces for the Teacher and Pupils were specifically designed, as well as a special mode for workshops where users can create and evaluate gesture-sound couplings.


mode d'emploi

CoMo Rehabilitation-bw CoMo Rehabilitation is a system based on movement sonification for the supervised autonomous rehabilitation of patients with motor impairment after an acquired brain injury.

This application was developed by Iseline Peyre during her PhD, funded by the Institut Universitaire d’Ingénierie en Santé (IUIS) of Sorbonne Université. The project was a collaboration with Hôpital de la Pitié-Salpêtrière and LIB-Sorbonne Université. In this case, the application is implemented in a Raspberry PI nano-computer, connecting to WiFi motion sensors. A specific client was designed as the main user GUI to choose exercises and sounds


CoMo-Elements tutorial (ver. 1)


CoMo by IRCAM-STMS, licensed under BSD-3-Clause It includes the XMM library developed by Jules Françoise and Soundworks by Benjamin Matuszweski

Research and Development: Benjamin Matuszweski, Joseph Larralde, Jean-Philippe Lambert, Frederic Bevilacqua (coordination)

Acknowledgments The CoMo ecosystem was initiated within the framework of the RAPID-MIX project, an Innovation Action funded by the European Commision (H2020-ICT-2014-1 Project ID 644862). Current supports include the ELEMENT project (ANR-18-CE33-0002). It uses the Collective Soundworks framework developed in the CoSiMa project (ANR-13-CORD-0010), developed by Benjamin Matuszweski, Norbert Schnell and Sébastien Robaszkiewicz and Waves libraries developed in the Wave project (ANR-12-CORD-0027). Special thanks to: Roland Cahen, Andrea Cera, Olivier Houix, Anne Dubos, Jan Schacher, Jean-François Jégo, Xavier Boissarie, Michelle Agnes Magalhaes